We manufacture PVC coated fabrics and provide - even in small quantities- a range of standard products based on your needs and specifications :
Lacote S.A. FIBERS : warp and weft, polyester, fiber glass, cotton, other fibers and blends of varying flows from 50 to 500 g/m² and more Lacote S.A.
Lacote S.A. COATED TISSUE WEIGHT : between 150 g/m² and 2 kg, single or double side coating
Lacote S.A. COLORS : all colors, even fluorescent ones
Lacote S.A. FINISH : smooth matte, smooth shine, imitation leather grain, other grains
WIDTH : up to  2.60 meters
Lacote S.A. FLAME RESISTANT FABRICS : M1 flame resistant standards and M2 grouped with PV

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Technical data sheets are available. Just ask us !